Italienska verb PATH 2021-3

The exercise was created 2021-01-31 by PaxPax. Question count: 50.

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  • to get up alzarsi
  • to meet incontrare
  • to shave radersi
  • to forget dimenticare
  • to swim nuotare
  • to invite invitare
  • to start iniziare
  • to be located essere
  • to leave something or someone lasciare qualcosa o qualcuno
  • to fall down cadere
  • to happen succedere
  • to enter entrare
  • to draw disegnare
  • to drive guidare
  • to fix aggiustare
  • to go down scendere
  • to lower abbassare
  • to hit colpire
  • to jump saltare
  • to keep tenere
  • to maintain mantenere
  • to die morire
  • to loan prestare
  • to love amare
  • to paint dipingere
  • to plan pianificare
  • to prepare preparare
  • to rest riposarsi
  • to return ritornare
  • to send spedire
  • to spend spendere
  • to teach insegnare
  • to touch toccare
  • to try provare
  • to use usare
  • to promise promettere
  • to surprise sorprendere
  • to understand capire
  • to attend partecipare
  • to decide decidere
  • to permit permettere
  • to continue continuare
  • to destroy distruggere
  • to include includere
  • to give dare
  • to require richiedere
  • to snow nevicare
  • to cost costare
  • to move muovere
  • to rain piovere

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