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  • croissant cornetto
  • please per favore
  • tea, teas
  • hello, hi salve
  • a, an, one un
  • the, him, it lo
  • coffee caffé
  • with, to con
  • thank you grazie
  • yes
  • milk latte
  • but, though, only ma
  • no, not no
  • ice cream gelato
  • cappuccino cappuccino
  • goodbye, bye arrivederci
  • sugar zucchero
  • goodbye, hello, hi ciao
  • I'd, I, me io
  • heaven, sky cielo
  • have, I have, is sono
  • tuna tonno
  • nice to meet you, pleased to meet you, favor piacere
  • Rome Roma
  • Milan Milano
  • with, made of, for di
  • right, real, isn't vero
  • excuse me, sorry scusa
  • are you, you're, six sei
  • you, you'll tu
  • me, to me, myself me
  • London Londra
  • meant, I daydream, safest fantastico
  • dear, honey, costly caro
  • Philadelphia Filadelfia
  • mother, stub, mothers madri
  • oh, ah ah
  • where are you from di dove sei

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