Japanese Hobbies

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  • ashita gakkou he ikimasu tomorrow I will go to school
  • asatte wa nani wo shimasu ka what will you do the day after tomorrow?
  • ototoi wa pa-ti- wo shimashita I had a party the day before yesteraday
  • kinou wa asagohan wo tabemashita I ate breakfast yesterday
  • ototoi wa nani wo shimashita ka what did you do the day before yesterday?
  • ashita wa isogashii desu tomorrow will be busy
  • isogashii desu ka are you busy?
  • tomodachi to hanashimasu I talk to my friend
  • shumatsu wa isogashii desu ka are you busy this weekend?
  • raishu nihonjin no tomodachi ni denwa wo kakemashita last week I called my japanese friend on the phone

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