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  • itsu akimasuka when does it open?
  • itsu shimarimasuka when does it close?
  • kaiten it's open
  • heiten it's closed
  • itsu hajimarimasuka when does it begin?
  • itsu owarimasuka when does it end?
  • itsu demasuka when does it leave?, (train)
  • itsu tsukimasuka when does it arrive?, (train)
  • - wa nanji desuka what time is - ?
  • joushoku wa nanji desuka what time is breakfast?
  • yuushoku wa nanji desuka what time is dinner?
  • shougo at midday
  • mayonaka at midnight
  • ima now
  • suguni straight away
  • atode later
  • kyou today
  • ashita tomorrow
  • kinou yesterday
  • kesa this morning
  • kyou no konban this evening
  • raishuu next week

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