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  • Older sister ane
  • apartment apa-to (katakana)
  • younger sister imouto
  • grandfather ojiisan
  • younger brother otouto
  • man otoko no hito
  • older brother oniisan
  • older sister oneesan
  • grandmother obaasan
  • woman onna no hito
  • company kaisha
  • family kazoku
  • hair kami
  • brothers and sisters kyoudai
  • mouth kuchi
  • country kuni
  • car kuruma
  • game ge-mu (katakana)
  • convenience store konbini (katakana)
  • club activity sa-kuru (katakana)
  • cafeteria shiyokudou
  • father chichi
  • DVD DVD (katakana)
  • mother haha
  • eye me
  • glasses megane
  • Bright/smart atamagaii
  • cute kawaii
  • Tall stature se ga "takai"
  • short stature se ga "hikui"
  • long nagai
  • fast hayai
  • short mijikai
  • kind shinsetsu (na)
  • convinient benri (na)
  • to sing utau
  • to put on a hat kapuru
  • to get to know shiru
  • I know shiteimasu
  • I do not know shirimasen
  • to live tsumu
  • to put on clothes below your waist haku
  • to gain weight futoru
  • to be on the heavy side futotteimasu
  • to put on glasses kakeru
  • to put on clothes above your waist kiru
  • to work for sutomeru
  • to lose weight yaseru
  • to get married kekkonsuru
  • ...but ...ga
  • not...anything nanimo
  • (counter for people) -nin
  • one person hitori
  • two people futari
  • nothing in particular betsuni
  • hello? moshimoshi
  • of course mochiron
  • if you like yokattara

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