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  • soon reo-reo-nii
  • later tee-lang
  • sweet-hart khon-rak
  • what do you think khun khid yaang-rai
  • it´s fine dee laeo
  • is ti good dee mai
  • very good dee maak
  • sweat sweating nguua
  • I agree henn-duai
  • smell a fart meen-toot
  • smelly menn
  • inside kaang-nai
  • outside kaang-naak
  • under dtaai
  • over bonn
  • do you want a drink ao deum mai
  • are you angry? groaat ruu-plao or mai
  • pour rin
  • rest packphon
  • find, meet, discover phop
  • helps chuai
  • dangerous antae-rai
  • ashamed, embarrassed naa-aai
  • fresh soat
  • vegetables pak
  • fruit phon-la-mai
  • salt glueaa
  • black pepper prick-tai-dam

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