JLPT N2 Grammar Week 7

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  • OOもかまわず without caring/worrying about
  • OOにもかかわらず despite OO
  • OOにかかわらず whether OO or not, regardless of OO
  • OOを問わず OOをとわず - regardless of, irrespective of
  • OOやらOOやら such things as OO and OO, OO and OO and so on
  • OOにつけOOにつけ every time OO happens, whenever OO happens
  • OOにしろOOにしろ regardless of OO
  • OOもOOばOOもOO I am OO in both OO and OO
  • OOものだ when describing feelings or memories, stating facts
  • OOものではない shouldn't OO
  • OOというものだ something like/called
  • OOものか there's no way, yeah right
  • OOを中心に focused/centred on
  • OOをこめて filled with, full of
  • OOを通じて through OO, by means of OO
  • OOを頼りに OOをたよりに - depending on, with the help of
  • OO恐れがある there is a threat, it is feared that, there is a danger of
  • OOものがある feels like, to be the case, these is such a thing as OO
  • OOばOOというものでもない OO does not equal OO
  • どうにかOOないものか I wish I could solve this problem/situation
  • OOをもとに based on, derived from
  • OOにつき due to OO, because of OO
  • OOをきっかけに as the start of OO, because of OO, as the result of OO
  • OO際に OOさいに - at the time of, when, in the case of

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