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  • annyeong hello
  • orenmanimnida long time no see
  • jaljinaesseumnida i have been well
  • choayo i'm good
  • an choayo not good
  • mianhaeyo sorry
  • shillyehamnida excuse me
  • ne yes
  • aniyo no
  • annyeonghi goodbye
  • najunge pwayo see you later
  • jeongmal gamsahabnida thank you very much
  • chean maneyo you're welcome
  • hwanyeonghamnida welcome
  • dangshine irumi muoshimnikka what's your name?
  • ireumi mweoyeyo what's your name?
  • je ireumun toey imnida my name is toey
  • jeoneun toey imnida i'm toey
  • kileul ireobeoreosseoyo i'm lost
  • meuoseul towa teulilkkayo can I help you?
  • hwajangshiri eodiyeyo where is the bathroom?
  • chamgganmanyo just a moment please
  • yeongeo halchul aseyo do you know how to speak english?
  • yeongeo halsuisseoyo do you speak english?
  • jeonun hangugeo jalmotheyo i don't speak korean
  • chogeumyo only a little
  • eodisseo oshyeosseoyo where are you from?
  • eodisseo wasseoyo where are you from
  • cheoneun taeguk esseo wasseoyo i'm from thailand
  • jeoneun taeguk saram iyeyo i'm thai
  • eodi saseyo where do you live?
  • jeonneun taeguk e sarayo i live in thailand
  • yeogi ga choaheyo do you like it here?
  • keugo hangukmaro mworago heayo what is that called in korean?
  • a meuseum ttushiyeyo what does a mean?
  • Thailand lul hangungmaro eotteoke malheyo how do you say Thailand in korean?
  • ige mwoyeyo what is this?
  • chilmun iseumnida i have a question
  • cheoncheonhi malssumhejushikesseoyo can you speak more slowly please
  • tashi hanbeon malssumhejushikesseoyo can you repeat that please?
  • ihehesseoyo i understand
  • algeseumnida i got it
  • nan ihega andwe i don't understand
  • choeun chilmun imnida good question
  • kenchanayo it's okay
  • annyeonghi jumuseyo sleep well
  • mannaseo bangabseubnida nice to meet you
  • eotteoke jinaesyeosseoyo how have you been?
  • ne, jaljinaesseoyo i'm fine thanks

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