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  • wanni phom tham-ahaan duuai dtuua-eeng today I cooked by myself
  • hoam-huua-yaai onion
  • moo pork
  • phom tham pasta I made pasta
  • sai-noom milk
  • sai-grook sausage
  • gluuea salt
  • paak wegetables
  • khun chawp ghin paak arai what wegetables do you like
  • phom chawp ghin paak-boong I like morning glory
  • paak-soath fresh wegetables
  • taeng-kwaa cucumber
  • hoam-deng challoten red onion
  • maan-farrang potato
  • hedt mushroom
  • facktoong pumpkin
  • phrik chili
  • phrik-thai-damm black-pepper
  • makuu-theed tomato
  • nai welaa-waang khun chawp tham arai what do you like to do in your free-time
  • phom chawp dern tii bpaa lae keb hedt I like to walk to the forest and pick mushroom
  • meuua phom mii welaa-waang when I have free-time, when I am free
  • thon phom mii welaa-waang phom chawp tham-ahaan lae tham-soan when I am free I like to cooking and gardening
  • phom chawp rien pha-saa thai lae aahn nang-sue I like to learn thai and read books

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