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  • khun chawp aahn nang-sue arai what books do you like to read
  • phom chawp aahn nang-sue-pim took wann nai thon-yeen I like to read the newspaper every day in the evening
  • nang-sue-pim newspaper
  • nai thon-yeen in the evening
  • yok dtåå-yaang for example
  • dtåå-yaang example
  • bpai nang-ruua go boating
  • bpai long-ruua go boat cruise
  • phuuen koong anders my friend, third person
  • phuuen koong phom my friend
  • geb Aan ngeen save money
  • phom jam mai-dai I don´t remember
  • phom mai son-yaai I am not interested
  • yok dtåå-yaang for example
  • dtåå-yaang example
  • son-yaai interested
  • phom son-yaai maak I am really interested

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