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  • phom tham maan-farrang nai krueng aob I made potato in the oven
  • phom tham-ahaan saam chamong I was cooking for three hours
  • phuak-rao ghin sai-grook neu-gae we ate lamb sausage
  • phom chawp ghin sai-grook german I like german sausage
  • meuua phom bpai tii phuket phom bpai raan-ahaan german when I am in phuket I go to a german restaurant
  • yao-koong raan hai phom sai-grook german phom arrow maak the restaurant(short) owner gave me german sausage, very delicious
  • lae khon german phum-yaai maak-waa ahaan arrow and the german people are very proud the food is delicious
  • ahaan tii phuket ra-kaa paeng mai is the food expensive in phuket
  • tii phuket ahaan thai mii ra-kaa paeng in phuket the thai food is expensive (statement)
  • nai phuket ahaan thai tja mii ra-kaa bpraman roy-yee-sip baht in phuket thai food will cost about 120 baht
  • bpreb-tieb compare
  • phuum-yaai proud
  • phom tham-waa I asked
  • anders tham-waa I asked in third person
  • phom bawk khun waa I told you that
  • tja mii ra-kaa will cost
  • raan-ahaan dtua-bpai ra-kaa ahaan bpraman 70 baht general restaurant prices is about 70 baht
  • tha phom bpai ghin raan-ahaan dtua-bpai ra-kaa bpraman 70 baht if I go and eat at a general restaurant the price is about 70 baht
  • tii raan-ahaan yaai kaa ahaan tja paeng maak at bigger restaurants the food is expensive
  • nai muang thai khun bpai tiaw tii-nai-bang where do you travel in thailand
  • phom bpai tiaw burriram lae kho-samui I go to burriram and kho-samui
  • taek-tang different
  • tja mii ra-kaa will cost

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