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  • phom bawk khun-waa phom mai bpai I told you already I will not go
  • phom bawk khun-waa phom mai ghin I told you already that I will not eat
  • pann-röyaa tja maa tii sweden eek nung duan krung/hook saphda my wife will com to sweden for one and half month/ 6 weeks
  • pann-röyaa koong khun yoo nan mai krapp do your wife live there ?
  • yoo bpraman 1 duan, ther mai mii welaa-waang, tong tham-ngaan took wann stay for about 1 month, she has no free time, and have to work every day (1)
  • ther mai chawp tham-ahaan lae mai son-yaai she don't like to cook and she is not interested
  • meuua phom mii welaa-waang phom chawp tham-ahaan maak dtae thaa phom yoong mai mii welaa phom mai chawp when I have free time I like to cook very much but if I don´t have time I don´t like it
  • bang-kab force
  • dtang-dtae since
  • ma-moung mango
  • ma-la-gor papaya
  • pann-röyaa koong khun yoo tii nan khae-nai how long has your wife been there ????
  • eek during, under
  • eek nung duan during one month

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