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  • khun bpen yang-ngai bang how are you? 1
  • khun bpen yang-rai bang how are you ? 2
  • phom sabaidee maak pro-waa phom mii nung botrian gap kruu I am very good because I have class with my teacher
  • mii kwam-suk muean-gan krapp I am happy too
  • phom kwam-suk tii-dai phop khun I am happy to meat you
  • phom dii-yaai tii-dai phop khun I am glad to see you
  • khun phuud gawn you say first
  • khun phuud eek-krang dai-mai can you say again
  • wanni ghin khao laeo ruu-yang krapp have you eat already
  • phom ghin laeo krapp I have eaten
  • phom ghin gai yaang I eat barbeque chicken
  • look-shy khon-lek paa phom bpai ghin khao tii baan koong mae look-shy my youngest son took me to eat at my sons mothers house
  • look-shy khon-tåå rien tii ma-haa-vit-ta-yaa-lai my elder son study at the university
  • phom son ther phuud paa-saa angrid I teach taught her to speak english
  • som repair
  • som-seam repair 2
  • yam-bpen need
  • peua for
  • sam-raph for 2
  • naak-tong-tieaw tourist
  • tuuk-tong correct
  • sa-ha-raad-cha-aa-naa-yak united kingdom
  • phon-kraai relax
  • pak-poon rest
  • paa phom take me, took me

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