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  • wanni khun bpen yang-ngai bang how are you today?
  • Phom nuaj nidd-nawj Phom tham-ngaan took wann a little bit tired I am working everyday
  • nai thon-chao phom bpai-raph poo-ying khon tham-kwam-sa-aat baan in the morning I pick up the lady who cleans the house.
  • pro-waa ther chuai phom gieow-gap ngaan because she helped me with work
  • ther maa tham-kwam-sa-aat she came to clean
  • bpai-raph tii-nai krapp where did you go and pick-up
  • Phom bpai-raph ther tii sa-taa-nii root-fai I picked her up at the train station
  • Phom bpai-song ther tii sa-taa-nii root-fai I dropped her at the train station
  • ther glap-bpai laeo she has going back
  • wanni phom tham-kwam-sa-aat baan gap ther tang wann bpraman 10 chua-mong Today I cleaned the house with her all day for about 10 hours
  • rao mai tham-kwam-sa-aat took-yang We didn´t clean everything.
  • tii baan koong phom mii naa-dtang laai baan There are many windows in my house
  • Proong-nii phom pak-phon tomorrow I will rest
  • phom mai nae-yai I am not sure
  • raa-kaa ahaan bpraman 120 tueng 200 baht Food prices are about 120 - 200 baht.
  • kaa ahaan cost of food
  • kaa fai-faa cost of electricity bill
  • kaa naam water bill
  • kaa thor-ha-sab phone bill
  • kaa krong-chiib cost of living
  • glap-bpai left
  • bpai-song leave
  • muea-waan carola han taeng-kwaa sai namtarn yesterday Carola had sliced cucumber with suger

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