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  • um... ano
  • now ima
  • english (language) eego
  • yes ee/hai
  • student gakusee
  • ...language (ex. nihongo) ...go
  • high school kookoo
  • P.M. gogo
  • A.M. gozen
  • ...years old ...sai
  • Mr./Ms... ...san
  • o'clock ...ji
  • ...people (ex. nihonjin) ...jin
  • major senkoo
  • teacher; professor sensee
  • that's right soo desu
  • I see; Is that so? soo desu ka
  • college; university daigaku
  • telephone denwa
  • friend tomodachi
  • name namae
  • what nan/nani
  • japan nihon
  • ...year student (ex. ichinensee) ...nensee
  • half han
  • number bangoo
  • international student ryuugakusee
  • i watashi

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