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  • U.S.A Amerika
  • Britain Igirisu
  • Australia Oosutoraria
  • Korea Kankoku
  • Sweden Suweeden
  • China Chuugoku
  • science kagaku
  • asain studies aija kenkyuu
  • economics keezai
  • international relations kokusaikankee
  • computer konpyuutaa
  • anthropology jinruigaku
  • politics seeji
  • business bijinesu
  • literature bungaku
  • history rekishi
  • job; work; occupation shigoto
  • doctor isha
  • office worker kaishain
  • high school student kookoosee
  • housewife shufu
  • graduate student daigakuinsee
  • college student daigakusee
  • lawyer bangoshi
  • mother okaasan
  • father otoosan
  • older sister oneesan
  • older brother oniisan
  • younger sister imooto
  • younger brother otooto

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