L2 VQ-2

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  • pencil enpitsu
  • umbrella kasa
  • bag kaban
  • shoes kutsu
  • wallet saifu
  • jeans jinzu
  • dictionary jisho
  • bicycle jitensha
  • newspaper shinbun
  • t-shirt tiishatsu
  • watch; clock tokee
  • notebook nooto
  • pen pen
  • hat; cap booshi
  • book hon
  • cafe kissaten
  • bank ginkoo
  • toilet; restroom toire
  • library toshokan
  • post office yuubinkyoku
  • welcome (to our store) irasshaimase
  • ..., please (...o) onegaishimasu
  • please give me... (...o) kudasai
  • then...; if that is the case... jaa
  • please; here it is doozo
  • thank you doomo

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