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  • abdomen, abdominis, n abdomen
  • adeps, adipis, m fat
  • animal, animalis, n animal
  • aqua, aquae, f water
  • arteria, arteriae, f artery
  • articulatio, articulationis, f articulation, joint
  • auris, auris, f ear
  • bronchus, bronchi, m bronchus
  • cadaver, cadaveris, n corpse
  • calor, caloris, m heat
  • caput, capitis, n head
  • caro, carnis, f flesh
  • cartilago, cartilaginis, f cartilage
  • causa, causae, f cause
  • cellula, cellulae, f cell
  • cerebrum, cerebri, n brain
  • coccyx, coccygis, m coccyx
  • colon, coli, n large intestine
  • color, coloris, m colour
  • cor, cordis, n heart
  • corpus, corporis, n body
  • cranium, cranii, n skull
  • cutis, cutis, f skin
  • dens, dentis, m tooth
  • digitus, digiti, m finger
  • dolor, doloris, m pain
  • ductus choledochus bile duct
  • fel, fellis, n bile
  • femina, feminae, f woman
  • forma, formae, f form
  • glandula, glandulae, f gland
  • hepar, hepatis, n liver
  • homo, hominis, m man
  • intestinum, intestini, n bowel
  • labium, labii, n lip
  • labor, laboris, m labour, work
  • lac, lactis, n milk
  • lacrima, lacrimae, f tear
  • lapis, lapidis, m stone
  • larynx, laryngis, m larynx
  • lien, lienis, m spleen
  • lingua, linguae, f tongue
  • mamma, mammae, f mammary gland
  • mater, matris, f meninges
  • medicamentum, medicamenti, n drug

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