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  • acromion, i, n acromion
  • adultus, i, m adult
  • angulus, i, m angle
  • antebrachium, i, n forearm
  • atrium, i, n atrium
  • brachium, i, n arm/brachium
  • bronchus, i, m bronchus
  • bulbus, i, m bulb
  • cancer, cri, m cancer
  • carpus, i, m wrist
  • cerebrum, i, n brain
  • cibus, i, m meal
  • colon, i, n colon/large intenstine segment
  • collum, i, n neck, cervix
  • cranium, i, n skull
  • curvatura, ae, f curvature
  • diameter, tri, f diameter
  • digitus, i, m finger/toe
  • dorsum, i, n back
  • duodenum, i, n duodenum
  • encephalon, i, n brain (e)
  • flexura, ae, f flexure
  • fundus, i, n bottom
  • ganglion, i, n ganglion
  • humerus, i, m humerus
  • icterus, i, m jaundice
  • in acc; in, into - abl; in, inside
  • intestinum, i, n intestine, bowel
  • labium, ii, n lip
  • ligamentum, i, n ligament
  • lobus, i, m lobe
  • malleolus, i, m ankle
  • membrum, i, n extremity, limb
  • metatarsus, i, m instep
  • morbilli, orum, m morbilli plural
  • morbus, i, m disease
  • musculus, i, m muscle
  • nasus, i, m nose
  • neonatus, i, m newborn
  • nephros, i, m kidney
  • nervus, i, m nerve
  • nodus, i, m node
  • nucleus, i, m nucleus
  • oculus, i, m eye
  • oesophagus, i, m oesophagus
  • olecranon, i, n olecranon
  • ovarium, i, n ovary
  • palatum, i, n palate
  • periodus, i, f period
  • polypus, i, m polyp
  • radius, i, m radius
  • ramus, i, m branch of nerve
  • rectum, i, n rectum
  • septum, i, n septum
  • signum, i, n sign, mark
  • skeleton, i, n skeleton
  • spasmus, i, m spasm
  • sternum, i, n breastbone
  • sulcus, i, m groove
  • suppositorium, i, n suppository
  • sutura, ae, f suture
  • unguentum, i, n salv
  • uterus, i, m womb, uterus
  • vagina, ae, f vagina
  • venenum, i, n poison
  • ventriculus, i, m ventricle/stomach
  • ventriculus cerebri ventricle of brain
  • vestibulum, i, n vestibule
  • i, m -us
  • i, m -er
  • i, n -um
  • i, n -on

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