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  • medulla, medullae, f medulla, spinal cord
  • mens, mentis, m mind
  • mensis, mensis, m month
  • morbus, morbi, m disease
  • musculus, musculi, m muscle
  • nasus, nasi, m nose
  • natura, naturae, f nature
  • nervus, nervi, m nerve
  • nox, noctis, f night
  • oculus, oculi, m eye
  • oesophagus, oesophagi, m oesophagus
  • os, oris, n mouth
  • os, ossis, n bone
  • palpebra, palpebrae, f eyelid
  • pancreas, pancreatis, n pancreas
  • pectus, pectoris, n breast
  • pelvis renalis pelvis of the kidney
  • pes, pedis, m foot
  • pharynx pharyngis, m pharynx
  • pulmo, pulmonis, m lung
  • pus, puris, n pus
  • ren, renis, m kidney
  • saliva, salivae, f saliva
  • sanguis, sanguinis, m blood
  • sol, solis, m sun
  • somnus, somni, m sleep
  • sternum, sterni, n breast-bone
  • sudor, sudoris, m sweat
  • tela, telae, f tissue
  • tempus, temporis, n time
  • thorax, thoracis, m thorax
  • tumor, tumoris, m tumour
  • unguis, unguis, m nail
  • urina, urinae, f urine
  • uterus, uteri, m womb
  • vagina, vaginae, f vagina
  • vas, vasis, n blood vessel
  • vena, venae, f vein
  • ventriculus, ventriculi, m stomach, ventricle
  • vermis, vermis, m worm
  • vesica fellae gall bladder
  • vesica, vesicae, f urinary bladder
  • viscera inner organs
  • vita, vitae, f life

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