Latin, 2nd Colloq, 1st declension nouns

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  • aetiologia, ae f etiology
  • allergia, ae f allergy
  • angina, ae f suffocating obstruction
  • anomalia, ae f anomaly
  • causa, ae f cause
  • cellula, ae f cell
  • cena, ae f meal
  • clinica, ae f clinic
  • cysta, ae f cyst, a bladder, sac or vesicle formed in tissues
  • diaeta, ae f diet
  • forma, ae f form
  • formula, ae f fomula
  • gangraena, ae f gangrene, dying of tissues
  • gingiva, ae f gum
  • haemorrhagia, ae f bleeding
  • hernia, ae f hernia
  • hora, ae f hour
  • insufficientia, ae f insufficiency
  • myasthenia, ae f muscle weakness
  • nausea, ae f nausea
  • pneumonia, ae f pneumonia, inflammation of the lungs
  • puella, ae f girl
  • ruptura, ae f rupture
  • stenocardia, ae f stenocardia, angina pectoris
  • substantia, ae f substance
  • tela, ae f tissue
  • therapia, ae f treatment
  • trachea, ae f trachea
  • vesica, ae f bladder
  • via, ae f way, passage

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