Latin, 2nd Colloq, 2nd declension nouns

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  • aegrotus, i m patient
  • alcoholismus, i m alcoholism
  • bronchus, i m bronchus
  • bulbus, i m ball
  • cancer, cancri m cancer
  • fundus, i m bottom
  • grippus, i m grippe, influenza
  • locus, i m place
  • medicus, i m doctor
  • morbus, i m disease
  • polypus, i m polyp
  • puer, pueri m boy
  • rheumatismus, i m rheumatism
  • somnus, i m sleep
  • stomachus, i m stomach
  • succus, i m juice
  • thrombus, i m thromb
  • typhus, i m typhus
  • uterus, i m womb
  • acidum, i n acid
  • auxilium, i n help
  • duodenum, i n duodenum, twelve finger bowel
  • experimentum, i n experiment
  • intestinum, i n intestine, bowel
  • instrumentum, i n instrument
  • labium, i n lip
  • medicamentum, i n medicament, drug
  • ovarium, i n ovary
  • rectum, i n rectum, straight bowel
  • remedium, i n remedy
  • saccharum, i n sugar
  • signum, i n sign
  • sputum, i n sputum
  • stadium, i n stage
  • vaccinum, i n vaccine
  • venenum, i n venom, toxin, poison
  • vitaminum, i n vitamin
  • vitium, i n failure
  • vitrum, i n glass vessel, test-tube, bottle

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