Latin Adjectives 2nd group

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  • Abdominalis, e abdominal
  • Aequalis, e equal
  • Alveolaris, e alveolar
  • Articularis, e articular
  • Biceps, bicipitis biceps, with two heads
  • Brevis, e short
  • Cerebralis, e cerebral
  • Cervicalis, e cervical
  • Costalis, e costal
  • Dentalis, e dental
  • Dorsalis, e dorsal
  • Ethmoidalis, e sieve-shaped, ethmoid
  • Facialis, e facial
  • Frontalis, e frontal
  • Intercostalis, e intercostal
  • Intermuscularis, e intermuscular
  • Lacrimalis, e lacrimal
  • Lateralis, e lateral
  • Lumbalis, e lumbar
  • Lymphaticus, a, um lymphatic
  • Mandibularis, e mandibular
  • Maxillaris, e maxillary
  • Metacarpalis, e metacarpal
  • Nasalis, e nasal
  • Orbitalis, e orbital
  • Occipitalis, e occipital
  • Par, paris equal
  • Parietalis, e parietal
  • Sacralis, e sacral
  • Simplex, simplicis simple
  • Sphenoidalis, e wedge-shaped, sphenoid
  • Sublingualis, e sublingual
  • Superficialis, e superficial
  • Temporalis, e temporal
  • Teres, teretis round
  • Triceps, tricipitis triceps, with three heads
  • Tricolor, tricoloris three-colored
  • Vertebralis, e vertebral

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