Latin declatio tertia neuter nouns

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  • abdomen abdomen abdominis n
  • gland growth adenoma adenomatis n
  • animal animal animalia n
  • asthma asthma asthmatris n
  • carcinoma carcinoma carcinomatis n
  • head caput capitis n
  • a state of prolonged unconsciousness coma comatis n
  • body corpus corporis n
  • an inflammatory disease of the skin eczema eczematis n
  • abnormal redness of the skin erythema erythematis n
  • bile fel fellis n
  • femur femur femoris n
  • opening foramen foraminis n
  • liver hepar hepatis n
  • liver 2 jecur iecoris n
  • milk lac lactis n
  • side latus lateris n
  • name nomen nominis n
  • occiput occiput occipitis n
  • edema, swelling oedema oedematis n
  • breast fectus pectoris n
  • pus pus puris n
  • seed semen seminis n
  • symptom symptoma symptomatis n
  • syndrome syndroma syndromatis n
  • system systema systematis n
  • time, pl. temples tempus temporis n
  • trauma, injury trauma traumatis n
  • ulcer ulcus ulceris n
  • wound, injury vulnus vulneris n

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