Latin för anatomi

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  • cranialis towards the head
  • caudalis towards the tail
  • medianus in the midline
  • medialis close to the midline
  • lateralis close to the side
  • proximalis closer to the trunk or to another specified point
  • distalis farther from the trunk or from another specified point
  • internus inward, near the inside, inner
  • externus outward, hence, further from the inside
  • superior above, upper
  • inferior below. lower
  • ventralis towards the belly side
  • dorsalis towards the back
  • anterior towards the front
  • posterior towards the backside
  • sagittalis relating to the sagittal plane (back front)
  • frontalis relating to the forehead or frontal bone
  • horizontalis horizontal
  • superficialis closer to the surface, superficial
  • profundus farther from the surface, deep
  • dexter right
  • sinister left
  • skeleton skeleton
  • os, ossa bone, bones
  • pars part
  • paries wall
  • facies surface
  • margo margin
  • fossa trench, an anatomical depression, hollow area
  • fovea pit, usually smaller than fossa
  • incisura notch
  • foramen opening
  • sulcus groove

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