Latin Nouns 1

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  • ala, ae f wing
  • apertura, ae f opening
  • arteria, ae f artery
  • aorta, ae f aorta
  • capsula, ae f capsule
  • costa, ae f rib
  • coxa, ae f hip
  • crista, ae f crest
  • columna, ae f column
  • fossa, ae f shallow cavity
  • fibula, ae f splint-bone
  • glandula, ae f gland
  • incisura, ae f notch
  • lamina, ae f plate
  • lingua, ae f tongue
  • linea, ae f line
  • mandibula, ae f lower jaw
  • maxilla, ae f upper jaw
  • nucha, ae f nape of neck
  • scapula, ae f shoulder blade
  • spina, ae f spine
  • tibia, ae f shinbone
  • vertebra, ae f vertebra
  • valvula, ae f small valve
  • angulus, i m angle
  • brachium, i n upper arm
  • cerebrum, i n brain
  • circulus, i m circle
  • cubitus, i m elbow
  • canaliculus, i m small canal
  • cavum, i n cavity
  • colon, i n colon
  • collum, i n neck
  • dorsum, i n back
  • labium, i n lip
  • membrum, i n extremity
  • musculus, i m muscle
  • nasus, i m nose
  • radius, i m radius
  • rectum, i n rectum
  • sulcus, i m furrow
  • tuberculum, i n tubercle
  • os, ossis n bone
  • os, orin n mouth
  • genu, us n knee

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