Latin, Nouns, 2nd declension

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  • angulus, anguli, m angle
  • angulus, anguli, m angle
  • brachium, brachii, n upper arm
  • cerebrum, cerebri, n brain
  • canaliculus, canaliculi, m small canal
  • cavum, cavi, n cavity
  • collum, colli, n neck
  • dorsum, dorsi, n back
  • membrum, membri, n member, extremity
  • musculus, musculi, m muscle
  • nasus, nasi, m nose
  • sulcus, sulci, m forrow, groove
  • tuberculum, tuberculi, n tubercle, small rounded swelling
  • acidum, acidi, n acid
  • aegrotus, aegroti, m patient
  • alcoholismus, alcoholismi, m alcholism
  • auxilium, auxilii, n help
  • bronchus, bronchi, m bronchus
  • bulbus, bulbi, m ball
  • cancer, cancri, m cancer
  • duodenum, duodeni, n duodenum, twelve finger bowel
  • experimentum, experimenti, n experiment
  • fundus, fundi, m bottom
  • grippus, grippi, m grippe
  • intestinum, intestini, n intestine, bowel
  • instrumentum, intrumenti, n instrument
  • labium, labii, n lip
  • locus, loci, m place
  • medicus, medici, m doctor
  • medicamentum, medicamenti, n medicament, drug
  • morbus, morbi, m disease
  • nucleus, nuclei, m nucleus
  • oesophagus, oesophagi, m esophagus
  • ovarium, ovarii, n ovary
  • puer, pui, m boy
  • polypus, polypi, m polyp
  • rectum, recti, n rectum
  • remedium, remedii, n remedy
  • rheumatismus, rheumatismi, m rheumatism
  • saccharum, sacchari, n sugar
  • signum, signi, n sign
  • stadium, stadii, n stage
  • sputum, sputi, n sputum
  • succus, succi, m juice
  • somnus, somni, m sleep
  • stomachus, stomachi, m stomach
  • thrombus, thrombi, m thrombus
  • typhus, typhi, m typhus
  • uterus, uteri, m womb
  • vaccinum, vaccini, n vaccine
  • venenum, veneni, n venom, toxin
  • ventriculus, ventriculi, m ventricle, stomach
  • vitaminum, vitamini, n vitamin
  • vitium, vitii, n failure
  • vitrum, virti, n glass vessel, test-tube, bottle

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