Latin words, 3rd declension

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  • abductor muscle abductor, abductoris, m
  • adductor muscle adductor, adductoris, m
  • apex, top apex, apicis, m
  • atlas atlas, atlantis, m
  • axis axis, axis, m
  • canal canalis, canalis, m
  • coccyx coccyx, coccygis, m
  • cortex, bark cortex, corticis, m
  • flexor muscle flexor, flexoris, m
  • arch fornix, fornicis, m
  • big toe hallux, hallucis, m
  • larynx larynx, laryngis, m
  • margin, edge margo, marginis, m
  • wall paries, parietis, m
  • foot pes, pedis, m
  • pharynx pharynx, pharyngis, m
  • thumb pollex, pollicis, m
  • lung pulmo, pulmonis, m
  • kidney ren, renis, m
  • blood sanguis, sanguinis, m
  • tendon tendo, tendinis, m
  • thorax, chest thorax, thoracis, m
  • trochanter trochanter, trochanteris, m
  • nail unguis, unguis, m
  • articulation, joint articulatio, articulationis, f
  • ear auris, auris, f
  • base *basis, basis, f
  • cartilage cartilago, cartilaginis, f
  • cavity cavitas, cavitatis, f
  • dose *dosis, dosis, f
  • extremity, limb extremitas, extremitatis, f
  • fever febris, febris, f
  • stomach gaster, gastris, f
  • part pars, partis, f
  • pelvis pelvis, pelvis, f
  • whooping cough pertussis, pertussis, f
  • root radix, radicis, f
  • region regio, regionis, f
  • cough tussis, tussis, f
  • abdomen abdomen, abdominis, n
  • animal animal, animalis, n
  • head caput, capitis, n
  • heart cor, cordis, n
  • body corpus, corporis, n
  • leg crus, cruris, n
  • femur femur, femoris, n
  • opening foramen, foraminis, n
  • liver hepar, hepatis, n
  • mouth os, oris, n
  • bone os, ossis, n
  • pancreas pancreas, pancreatis, n
  • network rete, retis, n
  • time, (pl.) temples tempus, temporis, n
  • tuber tuber, tuberis, n
  • vessel vas, vasis, n

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