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  • do you live habitasne
  • yes ita
  • i live habito
  • where ubi
  • you live, live habitas
  • no minime
  • you, you (object), yourself te
  • well bene
  • badly, poorly, bad male
  • has, he has, does have, have, she has habet
  • i have habeo
  • you have habes
  • how quomodo
  • him, her se
  • me, myself me
  • me, to me, my mihi
  • hello salve
  • you, to you, your tibi
  • name nomen
  • hello (plural) salvete
  • what quid
  • his, her, to him, to her ei
  • mother mater
  • brother frater
  • father pater
  • sister soror
  • he is
  • at home domi
  • onto, into, on, in, to in
  • is studying, studies studet
  • and et
  • city, a city, the city urbe
  • she ea
  • is writing, writes, write scribit
  • who quis
  • but sed
  • are, you are es
  • you tu
  • is sleeping, sleeps, sleep dormit
  • not non
  • is, she is, he is, there is, it is est
  • (I) am sum
  • girl puella
  • I ego
  • man vir
  • boy puer
  • woman femina

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