Latvian 3.1

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  • man I
  • tev you
  • vinam he
  • vinai she
  • mums we
  • jums you(pl)
  • viniem they (m)
  • vinam they (f)
  • vai jums ir do you have. (pl)
  • patik like
  • garsot like (food)
  • sap hurt
  • darza garden
  • susi sushi
  • sodien today
  • kakis cat
  • sportot to do sports
  • Cik jums ir gadu? How old are you?
  • Cik vinam ir gadu? how old is he?
  • Kas jums sap? What hurts?
  • Auksts laiks Cold weather
  • Kas jums patik? What do you like?
  • Lasit gramatas Read books
  • Dejot Dance
  • Celot Travel
  • Gulet sleep
  • Klausities muziku Listen to music
  • Skatities filmas Watching movies
  • Spelet futbolu Play football
  • Braukt ar divriteni Ride the bike
  • Braukt ar masinu Drive a car
  • slepot skiing
  • macities to learn
  • tiri maju clean
  • gatavot est Cooking
  • sniegs snow
  • ziema winter
  • saule sun
  • jura sea
  • ballites party

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