Latvian 5.3

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  • lūdzu ēdienkarti Can i have the menu card please
  • Cik tas maksā? How much does it cost?
  • Mums, lūdzu rēķinu Can we have the bill please?
  • Labu apetīti Enjoy your meal
  • Ko jūs pasūtīsiet? What will you order?
  • Ko jūs gribētu? What would you like?
  • es ņemšu divas bulciņas I will take two buns
  • Man, lūdzu, saldējumu Can I have the ice cream please
  • dodiet man, lūdzu, pankūkas Give me the pancakes please
  • Man vajag ūdeni I need water
  • vat tas būs viss? Is that all?
  • Es vāru rīsus I boil rice
  • Es cepu olas I fry eggs

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