Latvian 1.5

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  • Viss ir kartiba Everything is ok
  • Cik Interesanti! How interesting
  • Cik jauki How nice
  • Cik zel What a pity
  • Es saprotu I understand
  • Es nezinu I dont know
  • Sakiet, ludzu tell me please
  • Protams of course
  • Jaukas brivdienas have a nice weekend, holiday
  • man ir jautajums i have a question
  • Jo Because
  • Un And
  • Bet But
  • Es daudz macos I study alot
  • Ir intresanti ..Is interesting
  • Man patik I like
  • Nav viegli Not easy
  • Man ir maz briva laika I have little free time
  • Es esmu noguris I am tiered (m)
  • Es esmu nogurusi I am tiered (f)
  • Es gribu gulet I want to sleep
  • Es gribu atpusties I want to rest

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