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  • Bollocks (här) fan också; Do people go on at you about gaming or not gaming bullocks?
  • Sketchy Skum, misstänkt; The details about the accident are still a little sketchy.
  • Coming at me Kommer mot mig; They kept coming at me.
  • On commission Få provision; money paid by an employer as a fee or percentage to an employee for a specific task
  • Disgraceful Skamligt; His behaviour was absolutely disgraceful!
  • Fool Idiot; A person who lacks judgment or sense.
  • Locker Skåp; A small, usually narrow storage compartment.
  • Messy Svårt/rörigt; Her house is very messy.
  • Shift Skift ;Anne was on the night shift
  • Company policy Företagets riktlinjer;a guideline and rulebook for employers

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