Lesson 12 Integrated 2

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  • place
  • East Coast 동부
  • youngest child 막내
  • pants 바지
  • night
  • kitchen 부엌
  • shirt 셔츠
  • sibling(s) 형제
  • first
  • to be different 다르다
  • to be tired 피곤하다
  • to be married 결혼하다
  • to wait 기다리다
  • to grow up 자라다
  • to be born 태어나다
  • still, yet 아직
  • including 까지
  • ordinal numbers 째/번째
  • may, will (conjecture) -겠
  • clausal connective(sequential) -어서/아서
  • eyes/snow
  • color 색(색깔)
  • eyeglasses 안경
  • traditional Korean dress 한복
  • male’s older brother 형님
  • to wear (glasses, gloves, rings) 끼다
  • to come out 나오다
  • to attend 다니다
  • to resemble 닮다
  • to wear headgear 쓰다
  • to wear, put on (clothes) 입다
  • with, and (이)랑
  • to be black 까맣다
  • to be yellow(yellow) 노랗다(노란)
  • to be red 빨갛다
  • to be short (height) 키가 작다
  • to be tall (height) 키가 크다
  • to be blue 파랗다
  • to be white 하얗다
  • also, too
  • long time 오래
  • oh my! dear me! 어머
  • sentence ending indicating the speaker’s reaction -네요
  • noun-modifying form (past) -(으)ㄴ

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