Lesson 13 Integrated 2

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  • city 도시
  • care of health 몸조리
  • mom 엄마
  • to have/ catch a cold 감기에 걸리다
  • to help 돕다
  • to change, switch 바꾸다
  • to do the laundry 빨래하다
  • to mail (a letter, parcel) 부치다
  • to rain 비(가) 오다
  • to borrow 빌리다
  • to lend 빌려주다
  • to be excused 실례하다
  • to be hungry 배(가) 고프다
  • later 나중에
  • again 다시
  • hello (on the phone) 여보세요
  • a little later 이따가
  • now 이젠
  • I will (volition or promise) -(으)ㄹ 게요
  • do something for another’s benefit -어/아 주다
  • must (obligation or necessity) -어/아야 되다
  • meantime 그동안
  • news 뉴스
  • message 메시지
  • cost of living 물가
  • half (e.g. 30 min)
  • foot
  • rain
  • shoes 신발
  • interview 인터뷰
  • new
  • to be noisy 시끄럽다
  • to leave (a message) 남기다
  • to cost money 돈이 들다
  • to enter 들어가다
  • to ask a favor 부탁하다
  • without doing anything further 그만
  • because of 때문에
  • for a short time 잠깐만
  • would (intention) -겠

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