Lesson 14 Integrated 2

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  • airport 공항
  • driver 기사
  • street, road
  • the day after tomorrow 모레
  • guest, customer 손님
  • mister; a man of one's parent’s age 아저씨
  • regards 안부
  • contact 연락
  • Incheon 인천
  • before
  • after
  • holiday, day off 휴일
  • at least 적어도
  • fast, quickly 빨리
  • to cross 건너다
  • to pay (돈을) 내다
  • to put forth effort, take trouble 수고하다
  • to drive (a car) 운전하다
  • to give (regards) 전하다
  • because Noun am/are/is -(이)라서
  • cannot (long form of negation) -지 못하다
  • game 게임
  • stairs 계단
  • place
  • karaoke (bar) 노래방
  • voice 목소리
  • elevator 엘리베이터
  • what matter 웬일
  • (bus) stop 정류장
  • exit 출구
  • uncle (father’s older brother) 큰아버지
  • taxi fare 택시비
  • lounge 휴게실
  • more
  • to have a full stomach 배(가) 부르다
  • to be few, scarce 적다
  • to sing (노래) 부르다
  • to arrive 도착하다
  • to come out to greet someone 마중 나오다
  • to go out to greet someone 마중 나가다
  • to be thirsty 목(이) 마르다
  • to doze off 졸다
  • adverbial suffix -게
  • to stop, cease -지 말다 (마세요)

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