Lesson 15 Integrated 2

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  • black 까만색 (까망)
  • size 사이즈
  • sale 세일
  • socks, stockings 양말
  • sports shoes, sneakers 운동화
  • clerk, salesperson 점원
  • soon 금방
  • quick(ly) 어서
  • number of times (counter)
  • pair 켤레
  • can -(으)ㄹ 수 있다
  • cannot -(으)ㄹ 수 없다
  • to change (clothes) 갈아 입다
  • to change (vehicles) 갈아 타다
  • to take 갖고 가다
  • to bring 갖고 오다
  • to carry around 갖고 다니다
  • to bring, put down something, somewhere 갖다 놓다
  • to bring/ take something to someone 갖다 주다
  • to bring/ take something to someone (humble) 갖다 드리다
  • to go on foot 걸어가다
  • to come on foot 걸어오다
  • to walk around 걸어다니다
  • to return, come back 돌아오다
  • to go riding 타고 가다
  • to come riding 타고 오다
  • to come/ go riding 타고 다니다
  • for, per
  • distance, street 거리
  • to plan 계획하다
  • to hike 등산하다
  • to bath 목욕하다
  • door
  • to shower 샤워하다
  • magazine 잡지
  • to graduate 졸업하다
  • bathroom, restroom 화장실
  • not really 별로
  • first, most 제일
  • to look around, to sightsee 구경하다
  • to choose, select 고르다
  • to wash one’s face 세수하다
  • to wash one’s hands 손(을) 씻다
  • to open 열다
  • to brush one’s teeth 이(를) 닦다
  • after -고 나서
  • while -ing -(으)면서
  • noun-modifying form (prospective) -(으)ㄹ

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