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  • chips, cookies, crackers 과자
  • naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles) 냉면
  • instant noodles (ramen) 라면
  • cooked rice, meal
  • bowling 볼링
  • bibimbap (rice with vegetables and beef) 비빔밥
  • soft toft stew 순두부찌개
  • spicy beef soup 육개장
  • restaurant 음식점
  • seat 자리
  • employee 종업원
  • cake 케이크
  • to inquire 물어보다
  • to dislike 싫어하다
  • to order 주문하다
  • to be hot 뜨겁다
  • to be cool, refreshing 시원하다
  • to be undesirable 싫다
  • to be cold 차다
  • nominalizer -기
  • because -기 때문에
  • to try doing -어/아 보다
  • price
  • check 계산서
  • kimchi 김치
  • green tea 녹차
  • soybean-paste stew 된장찌개
  • menu 메뉴
  • side dish 반찬
  • sandwich 샌드위치
  • meal 식사하다
  • beverage 음료수
  • among, between 종(에서)
  • pizza 피자
  • do something for another’s benefit -어/아 드리다
  • to put something down (for someone) 놓아 주다
  • to put something down for someone (humble) 놓아 드리다
  • to return (something for someone) 돌려 주다
  • to return something for someone (humble) 돌려 드리다
  • to order (food) 시키다
  • to cut (something for someone) 잘라 주다
  • to cut something for someone (humble) 잘라 드리다
  • to be sweet 달다
  • to be spicy 맵다
  • to not be/ to not do 않다
  • to be salty 짜다

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