lipid digestion

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  • lingual lipase substrates? triacylglycerides
  • gastric lipase substrates? triacylglycerides
  • pancreatic (TAG) lipase substrates? triacylglycerides
  • pancreatic lipase related protein-2 (PLRP2) substrates? triacylglycerides, galactolipids, phospholipids
  • carboxyl ester lipase substrates? triacylglycerides, galactolipids, phospholipids, cholesterol esters
  • phospholipase A2 substrates? phospholipids
  • pancreatic lipase related protein-2 (PLRP2) has highest affinity for...? galactolipids
  • carboxyl ester lipase has highest affinity for...? cholesterol esters
  • what is pancreatic TAG lipase dependent on? colipase
  • what is the inactive form of colipase? procolipase
  • what activates procolipase? trypsin

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