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  • laugh, lauging hoaraa
  • son lookh-shy
  • what have you been doing today? long version wanni khun tham arai set laeo bang krapp
  • thats funny nan tallock
  • today I am a bit better wanni phom dee khunn noi krapp
  • big brother khon tåå
  • younger brother khon lek
  • my oldest son lookh-shy khon tåå koong phom
  • my youngest son lookh-shy khon lek koong phom
  • washing the car lang rott
  • wash clothes sack paa
  • kropp toa
  • what have you done today, medium short wanni khun tham arai bang krapp
  • finished, already done set laeo
  • what have you bough khun sue arai bang krapp
  • vatten till maten naam-plao
  • things shall do or have done bang
  • my, mine koong
  • restaurang raan-ahaan
  • word kam
  • today I wake up wanni phom dteen nawn
  • yesterday I slept qickly mueawan phom nawn reo
  • lunch ahaan klangwan
  • breakfast ahaan tchaoo
  • middag ahaan yeen
  • in fiften days I sip-ha wann
  • girlfriend faen
  • boyfriend faen
  • lady poo-ying
  • man poo-shy

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