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  • fried rice with chicken egg and wegestible khao pad gai
  • fried rice nudle with chicken pad thai gai
  • papaya salad somm tamm
  • stekt ris med, chicken, shrimps, pork khao pad, gai, gong, moo
  • spicy meat salad pork laab moo
  • fried morning glory with chili and garlic in lobster sause pak boong
  • with corriander gap phatshi
  • thai omelett and order what you want to add as pork etc kai gieow
  • chicken with cashewnuts gai pad medd ma muang
  • thai nudel soup guay tieow
  • rice soup with pork khao tom gap extra moo
  • chicken with wegetables pad pack ruam gap gai

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