Medicinskt språkbruk 2

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  • Cat/Feline Felis (cactus)
  • Dog/Canine Canis (lupus familiaris)
  • Horse/Equine Equus (caballus)
  • Endocrinology Endokrinologi
  • Neurology Neurologi
  • Dermatology Dermatologi
  • Cardiology Kardiologi
  • Hematology Hematologi
  • Odontology Odontologi
  • Esophagus Esofagus
  • Pancreas Pancreas
  • Liver Hepar
  • Kidney Ren
  • Heart Cor
  • Muscle Musculus
  • Trachea Arteriam
  • Lung Pulmo
  • Diapraghm Diafragma
  • Chest Thorax
  • Belly Abdomen

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