My and someone elses family members

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  • Kazoku My family
  • Sofu My grandfather
  • Sobu My grandmother
  • Oji My uncle
  • Oba My aunt
  • Ryoushin My parents
  • Chichi My father
  • Haha My mother
  • Kyoudai My siblings/brothers
  • Shimai My sisters
  • Ani My older brother
  • Ane My older sister
  • Otouto My younger brother
  • Imouto My younger sister
  • Fuufu My married couple/husband and wife
  • Shujin My husband
  • Kanai My wife
  • Otto My husband (o)
  • Tsuma My wife (t)
  • Itoko My cousin
  • Kodomo My children
  • Musuko My son
  • Musume My daughter
  • Oi My nephew
  • Mei My niece
  • Mago My grandchild
  • Giri no ani My brother in law (older)
  • Giri no otouto My brother in law (younger)
  • Giri no musuko My son in law
  • Giri no My ~ in law
  • Go kazoku Someones family/members
  • Ojii san Someones grandfather/old man
  • Obaa san Somones grandmother/old woman
  • Oji san Someones uncle
  • Oba san Someones aunt
  • Go ryoushin Someones parents
  • Otou san Someones father
  • Okaa san Someones mother
  • Go kyoudai Someones siblings
  • Onii san Someones older brother
  • Onee san Someones older sister
  • Otouto san Someones younger brother
  • Imouto san Someones younger sister
  • Go fuufu Someones married couple/husband and wife
  • Go shujin Someones husband
  • Okusan Someones wife
  • Oko san Someones children
  • Musuko san Someones son
  • Ojou san Someones daughter
  • Omago san Someones grandchild

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