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  • あさって the day after tomorrow
  • (シャワーを)あびます to take (a shower)
  • あるいてきます to come on foot
  • いかが how (polite form of "どう")
  • いす chair
  • インターネットをします to use the Internet
  • うら behind, back; underside
  • うるさい noisy
  • えきまえ outside the station
  • おおぜい many (as in "many people")
  • おくさん wife (used in reference to someone else's wife)
  • おっと husband
  • おります to descend; to get off (as in a bus or train)
  • かいぎ meeting
  • かいぎしつ meeting room
  • かいじょう venue (for a conference, etc.)
  • かぎ key
  • かぶります to put on, to wear (headwear such as a hat or helmet)
  • かるい light (opposite of heavy)
  • きょうしつ classroom
  • くうこう airport
  • けんがく tour, visit, observation
  • こうちゃ black tea
  • こうばん police box, local police office
  • さきに first; ahead (location); before (time)
  • じむしつ office
  • じゅうしょ mailing address
  • じゅんばん order (numerical, alphabetical, etc.)
  • じょうぶ sturdy, durable
  • しょくどう dining hall, cafeteria
  • しりょう material, document, data
  • すいえい swimming
  • ズボン pants, trousers
  • ゾウ elephant
  • そうじ cleaning
  • そちら you (partner in a conversation)
  • そば near, close
  • そふ grandfather (used in reference to one's own grandfather)
  • そぼ grandmother (used in reference to one's own grandmother)
  • だします mail (a letter)
  • つくえ desk
  • つま wife (used in reference to one's own wife)
  • でます to attend (a meeting, party, etc.)
  • てんらんかい exhibition
  • とどきます to reach, to be delivered
  • どなた who (polite form of "だれ")
  • ナイフ knife
  • なおります to be healed, cured (of a disease)
  • なんで how
  • にぎやか lively, bustling
  • にわ garden; yard
  • ぬぎます to take off (clothes), to disrobe
  • はきます to put on, to wear (shoes or other footwear; pants or other legwear)
  • はこ box
  • はさみ scissors
  • はります to post/paste (a photo)
  • ハンカチ handkerchief
  • ひだりがわ left side
  • ビル building
  • ひるやすみ lunch break
  • ふみます to step on
  • ペキン Beijing
  • まっすぐ straight, straight ahead
  • マレーシア Malaysia
  • みぎがわ right side
  • むこう over there; the other side
  • もってきます to bring
  • やおや greengrocer
  • ロビー lobby
  • ワイン wine

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