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  • かならず must, absolutely
  • せきゆ oil, petroleum
  • ふえる to increase (intransitive verb)
  • くばる to distribute, to hand out
  • たまに occasionally
  • (かぎが)かかる to be locked
  • (かぎを)かける to lock
  • かたづく to be tidied up, to be put in order (intransitive verb)
  • かわかす to dry (transitive verb)
  • たおす to defeat, to knock down
  • たおれる to be defeated, to fall
  • たてる to stand up; to erect
  • つづく to continue (intransitive verb)
  • つづける to continue (transitive verb)
  • とどける to deliver
  • なおる to cure, to heal
  • のこる to remain
  • ひえる to cool down (intransitive verb)
  • ひやす to cool down (transitive verb)
  • まわす to turn, to rotate (transitive verb)
  • まわる to turn, to rotate (intransitive verb)
  • (おゆを)わかす to boil (water)
  • うごかす to move (transitive verb)
  • うごく to move (intransitive verb)
  • ぬらす to make wet, to moisten
  • (おゆが)わく (water) boils

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