Nahuatl 3 Tonalli eyi

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  • one se
  • two ome
  • three eyi
  • four nawi
  • five makwilli
  • two natives ome masewameh
  • two houses ome kalli
  • where is the cat walking Kanin nehnemi miston
  • where's your home Kanin mochan
  • My home's mexico Nochan mexko
  • my head notsontekon
  • my eye/eyes noixtiyol
  • my hair notsonkal
  • my nose noyakatsol
  • my ear nonakas
  • my ear's big Nonakas weyi
  • my nose's big weyi noyakatsol
  • my hair's long wewetak notsonkal
  • small kwekwetstsin
  • tall wahkapantik
  • short echkapantsin
  • I am tall Niwahkapantik

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