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  • constitution the system of laws and basic principles that a state is governed by
  • overwhelming very great or very strong; so powerful that you cannot resist it or decide how to react, overpowering
  • ballot the system of voting in writing and usually in secret; an occasion on which a vote is held
  • referendum an occasion when all the people of a country can vote on an important issue
  • reeling feeling very shocked or upset about something, whirling
  • treaty a formal agreement between two or more countries
  • coalition a government formed by two or more political parties working together
  • divisive causing people to be split into groups that disagree with or oppose each other
  • colonisation the act of taking control of an area that is not your own and sending people from your own country to live there
  • advocate a person who supports or speaks in favour of somebody or of a public plan or action
  • concession something that you allow or do in order to end an argument or to make a situation less difficult
  • legitimise to make something that is wrong or unfair seem acceptable, validate
  • penal colony a place where prisoners are sent to live
  • prominence the state of being important, well known or easy to notice
  • abbreviation a short form of a word
  • ubiquitous seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time
  • nepotism giving unfair advantages to your own family if you are in a position of power, bias, favoritism
  • in the wake of coming after or following somebody/something
  • compound a substance formed by a chemical reaction of two or more elements in fixed amounts relative to each other
  • revenue the total income produced by a given source
  • infuse to have an effect on all parts of something
  • resonate to remind somebody of something, to be similar to what somebody thinks or believes
  • commercialization the act of using something to try to make a profit
  • transcend to be or go beyond the usual limits of something, exceed

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