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  • phom ruu-waa anna mai chawp pet ahaan I know know that anna mai chawp pet ahaan
  • waa after words you reporting like i now
  • waa because, followed by a word when its a statemnt and followed by steatment
  • ao pad thai when you order pad thai
  • kaa thai-ruup dai mai can I take a photo
  • chuai thai-ruut dai mai can you take a photo dai mai
  • kaw ra-hat wifi dai mai can I have the wifi
  • mod chawp tham kanom mod like to make bread
  • khun chawp tham arai krapp what do you like to do
  • khao tham-hai phom mii kwam-suk he makes me happy
  • ghin beer tham-hai uone drinking beer makes me fat
  • ghin fast food tham-hai uone eat fast food make me fat
  • yaak-hai I want you to do somethig
  • phom yaak-hai khun phuud pha-saa thai took wann I want you to speak thai every day
  • rao yaak-dai too-ra-sap mai we want a new telephone
  • yaak mi faen i want to have a boyfrien
  • phom yaak dai moto sai i want to have a motor bike
  • wanni phom yaak-hai wing today I want to running
  • bawk to tell
  • rue-yang, rue-plao yes or now after a question
  • khun bawk khao rue-yang did you told him
  • mii arai tja bawk khun I have a thing to tell you
  • thai-ruut photo

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