Numbers & Counting Units B

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  • Trees (counting unit) 그루
  • Slices (counting unit) 조각
  • Books (counting unit)
  • Bottles (counting unit)
  • Clothing (counting units)
  • Glass / Cups (counting unit)
  • Items (counting unit)
  • Units (counting unit)
  • 1st 첫번째
  • 2nd 두번째
  • 3rd 세번째
  • 4th 네번째
  • 5th 다섯번째
  • 6th 여섯번째
  • 7th 일곱번째
  • 8th 여덟번째
  • 9th 아홉번째
  • 10th 열번째
  • 11th 열한번째
  • 12th 열두번째
  • Pieces of paper (counting unit)
  • Cars / Machines (counting unit)
  • Houses / Buildings (counting unit)
  • Pair of shoes (counting unit) 켤레
  • Kinds / Varieties / Sorts (counting unit) 가지
  • Places (counting unit) 군데
  • Times (counting unit)
  • Duration of months (counting unit) 개월
  • Seconds (counting unit)
  • Floors in a building (counting unit)
  • Kilograms (counting unit) 킬로그램
  • Meters (counting unit) 미터
  • Duration in hours (counting unit) 시간
  • Weeks (counting unit) 주일, 주간
  • Duration in months (counting unit)
  • Years (counting unit)
  • Age (counting unit)
  • Bowl of something (counting unit) 그릇

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