Ord från 문법 kapitel 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 48

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  • 발표 announcement, statement
  • 떠들다 talk, chat
  • 닫다 close, shut
  • 열다 open, unlock
  • 잡다 hold
  • 상품권 voucher
  • 부족하다 to lack, insufficient
  • 도착하다 arrive, reach
  • 출발하다 depart, leave
  • 동아리 club, society, group
  • 장학금 scholarship
  • 인기 popularity
  • 잔디 grass, lawn
  • 회의 meeting, conference, doubt, skepticism
  • 숟가락 spoon
  • 출퇴근 commute
  • 지하철로 출퇴근하다 commute by subway
  • 시내 downtown
  • 막히다 to be stopped to be blocked
  • 지각하다 be late, be tardy

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